Hello September & 1800MinuteChallenge

Welcome to my birth month everyone! I love this time of year, not only because of my birthday but the weather gets cooler and all of the fun begins. Bonfires, apple picking, holidays. All fun.

Also, I like to view my birthday as a new year. I know we get those every January but I feel like your birthday is the best time to resolve to better yourself in the next year. It is more personal. Last year when I turned 25 I resolved that I would become my fittest ever. I didn’t begin until January 16th so I waited about 4 months before I kicked my butt into gear. I am however more lean than before and choosing to be healthier in a 85/15 range. This year I’ll continue on that part of my journey.

Speaking of, I joined a challenge that begins today. #1800MinuteChallenge is something you will see from me until the end of October. It is a simple concept, 1800 minutes of working out in two months. glistenfit & livinginyellow is hosting this challenge, I am excited for another motivator to get my butt moving.