Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Have you ever tried this recipe? Do you even know what you are missing? Really, you may not be able to pick it up super easy and it may be a little extra work but it is worth it and not super bad for you either!

I claim no right to this recipe, it is plastered all over pinterest. I do claim these amazing pictures of our delicious dinner though. We’ve made this once before and it didn’t turn out this great!

You start by cutting the cauliflower off of the head and pulsing it in the food processor until it is fine. This is called “ricing” the cauliflower. Then you put the riced cauliflower into the microwave for around five minutes. It will look like this.

After the cauliflower cools you have to squeeze it in a towel until you get as much moisture out of it as you can possibly imagine.

You add to the dried out riced cauliflower an egg, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, and some seasoning. Parchment paper is your friend here.

Then you preheat the oven to 500 degrees and bake for about fifteen minutes or golden brown.

After the crust is golden brown and crispy you add all of the toppings you can imagine and stick it under the broiler for about five minutes.

Ours had grilled chicken left over from last night, bacon, onions, green peppers and of course mozzarella. I also made a home made sauce we will be using later this week for a zucchini lasagna.

Oh, and a little touch of basil from the garden.

The best accomplishment? The crust held up this time to make actual slices.

Tomorrow Jeremy and I are going to an Indian restaurant with friends called Priyaa. We have been a couple of times now and the food is amazing.