Ke$ha turns 2!

Not unlike our anniversary, Ke$ha’s birthday was almost a month ago. I just haven’t taken the time to show off pictures like I should.

Last year we were getting married on her birthday so she spent it at doggy daycare. This year, we took her to her new daycare (which she loves) but only after we celebrated with her.

That’s right! She got her very own birthday cake.Treats Unleashed in Ladue made this for her. It is a peanut butter icing, her favorite thing.

We even put candles in it and you better believe we sang to her!

Look how eager she is got get a bite!

We then cut her off pieces for the next two weeks. She may know what the word cake is now.

Oh! Jeremy and I also forgot to eat our cake on our anniversary. We pulled it out of the freezer a few days early, but were so ready to go to the hotel we forgot. Easter afternoon we took a bite. It was not bad, but it had no flavor anymore ahah!

Totally unrelated to our anniversary and Ke$ha’s birthday Jeremy brought me home roses for no reason out of the blue like he sometimes does about a week later. What a sweet husband.